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Slide Makeovers 

“This PowerPoint [...] was the centerpiece of the meeting. The content and message captivated everyone and helped direct the meeting. The discussions were focused, constructive and dynamic. The PowerPoint helped us all stay on the same page.”

Client, CBRE

Don't have the time to complete an important presentation? Stuck in a creative rut?


I am available to perform slide makeovers on an hourly basis.  After sending me a slide deck for review, we will have an initial consultation meeting. In this meeting, I will ask key questions about the content of the presentation, and may request additional data. After working on the slides independently, we will hold a mid-cycle review meeting to exchange feedback. Lastly, before the presentation, we will meet to review the final slide deck, as well as presentation tips as necessary.


Contact me for more details!

A slide that follows traditional format with a phrase headline and 9 text bullet points, no visual aids.
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