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"[I] loved all the examples, the hands-on opportunities, and the experienced critiquers."

2016 Participant, Texas Instruments,

Women's Development course led by Michael Alley

My teaching experience includes a teaching assistantship for a semester-long undergraduate class, as well as co-teaching a graduate student workshop at Penn State. I have had experience teaching in both academic and professional settings, including a workshop for undergraduates at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and a women's business development course at Texas Instruments in Dallas.


Check out current short course offerings below, but keep in mind that we can custom design a course to fit any occasion.






An image of a woman in an office building, dressed professionally and typing on a laptop

Women's Development Course

STEM-focused corporations are striving to gain gender diversity in the worksplace, and it's important that they provide women with the tools they need to advance. While technical skills are crucial, the ability to effectively communicate is also critical to performing well in a leadership role. Michael Alley and I offer a workshop that teaches powerful visual aids and confident delivery to high-potential women throughout your organization.

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